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Welcome to Circle of Heroes. This guild started on live in the very beginning of EQ2 and still exists there today. My hope is that we carry on the traditions of that guild into this one and build upon them.

I fondly remember that original guild. I remember joining not knowing anything about the game. What I found was a group of people who were friendly, helpful and informative. Eventually I learned my way around and moved up the ranks. After about a year I ended up co-leader of the guild.

CoH extended was created with one primary purpose. That is, that we have a guild home where we can be ourselves and have FUN! This is a game, and you should be having a good time. If there is some reason that you are not, feel free to approach any of the guild Nobles or above and let us know how we can help.


You read the guild rules when you signed up for this website. So, the following are some points of etiquette, not rules, just guidelines.
When selling on the broker, if a fellow guildie has the lowest bid, place yours at the exact same price or just above theirs. Don't undersell a guildie.

When crafting, be careful not to block the clipboards so others can get to them easily.

When using the banker/broker etc, try to stand to the side a bit, especially if you have a big barbarian or ogre and a little toon is trying to use them.

We grats a bunch in this guild. You don't have to join in, but it is nice to celebrate the victories of your mates. We don't need to grats on little things like writs and whatnot, but you can if you wish.

Try to fill the harvest depot if you use it. While you are out killing stuff, harvest and dump in the depot. It makes a big difference for us. Those crafty writ peoples help the guild.

Always cut people some slack in chat. If you think someone is being rude, try to take everything in context. Maybe they are just having a bad day. I am always willing to help out if you are having issues with another guildie. Be aware, my method may be to take both of you into a chat window so we can sort it all out.

So the above stuff is just some ideas to make everything fun and easy. Again, on behalf of the Privy Council and myself, Welcome to our Guild!


Guild Rules
Racial/Sexual/Religious Orientation or Beliefs: Jokes and teasing will happen, sometimes we may have a misunderstanding or two. These we can laugh at and work out. But as a general policy, COH will not tolerate any harassment of its members. Have fun, but please be sensitive to the other people in your guild. We have gay members, straight members, witches, Christians, people of many races, etc. Let us all feel free to be ourselves without reprisal! If you feel you have been harassed, or you witness such behavior, contact a Privy Council member or His Sovereign.
Guild Bank: Give, and take. If there is level 30 and level 90 food, and you are level 30, take the 30 stuff. If you are level 30 and there is only 90 food, take it and use it. Things we put in the bank are up for grabs. We want our guildies to be blessed by them. DO NOT, ever take things from the guild bank and sell them on the broker. If this happens, there will be repercussions. Guild bank 3 items will be sold by authorized members, in most cases, and the money put into the guild coffers.

Promotions: See the Guild Rankings page for more information on this. Achieving the required points does not guarantee elevation to the next rank. Individuals will be considered on their merits and length of time in the guild.

The Harvest Depot: Use it and abuse it! If you are leveling up your crafter toon, doing writs, making stuff for guildies or yourself (including alts) feel free to use the depot. It would be super nice if you added stuff to it as well, but NOT REQUIRED! What I really would like to ask, is if you notice something running low, or you use the last root, let the rest of the guild know. That way we can get volunteers and go harvest some. Or, those with pack ponies can crank up the volume in that tier. Also, please do not use the depot to craft items for sale. Note the distinction here, if you have leftover items you crafted while leveling up, go ahead and sell them. But don't craft 5000 arrows and throw them on the market while using the harvest depot. That resource is there for all of us to use.
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